All Things Werewolf

You will find all my notes and posts about Werewolves and other Therionthropes here. The Werewolf is only one of the creatures capable of taking on an animal or human form. The entire classification of human to animal shapeshifters is labelled Therionthrope. These other creatures can take the forms of seals, snakes, dragons, bears, hyenas, and many other creatures.

The first series of posts involves Werewolves:

The Werewolf

Werewolf Part 1: What is a Werewolf?

Werewolf Part 2: How to Become a Werewolf

Werewolf Part 3: How to Identify a Werewolf

Werewolf Part 4: How to Cure a Werewolf

Werewolf Part 5: How to destroy a Werewolf

Werewolves and Vampires

A Random Thought on Bigfoot and Werewolves

Kinds of Therionthropes

Naga and Nagini

Fictional Werewolf Stories

Werewolf Attack Part 1

Werewolf Attack Part 2

Werewolf Attack Part 3

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