The Journal of Cleopatra Stevens


My name is Cleopatra Stevens. I know, right? It is a pretty unique name. And you’re right, it does have an Egyptian origin. My parents are Egyptian history buffs. It could have been worse, I suppose. My middle name could have been my first name. My middle name is Bastet. Yep. No joke.

In a way, I am lucky to be an only child. Could you imagine if they’d had a son? I mean, Cleopatra is bad enough. But going around for your whole life with a name like Tutankhamen? It is just as likely that they’d name their son Ramses, Horus, or some other famous Egyptian name.

I go to school. My best class is writing. My worst class is Math. My math teacher, Mr. Abernathy, and I are at war. Well, maybe I am just at war with him. But comments like “I know you can do better than this, Cleopatra” while waving my latest test result in my face would do that. The situation with him is made worse since he only lives a couple blocks from my house.

Name aside, I could have been popular. My parents made enough money for the initial qualification, but my lack of interest in all things gossip or fashion pretty much ruled out my entrance. I don’t do drugs. I never contemplated suicide and rarely wore black. I don’t trust technology, have a serious aversion to insects, and couldn’t play chess or a musical instrument if my life is on the line. All of this eliminates the rest of the school population.

There is a boy I like. His name is Gabriel Wilson. Gabriel is the jock of the school. Not only does he play every sport, but he led both the baseball and football teams to state for the first time in our school’s history. His dream is to join the police force, like his dad before him. And he likes animals. Though, to be honest, I got the last two bits of information from a conversation we had in the lunch line.

I dream of going to college, though I haven’t really narrowed down my choices. If I didn’t get my grades up, my choices would be limited for me. I am averaging just above a C.

My dad and I argue more often than not. Mom used to say it is because we were too similar in personality. I think it’s because he is always mad at me for something. My dad is a work-aholic. It works out well for both of us.

You may be wondering why I am giving you all this information. Well it’s because I am about to tell you something that is really happening, something truly awful. It’s important that you know me so that you know that I am not crazy. I am not making this up: it’s really happening.

Last night… no, it really started when the news reports began. About two weeks ago

  1. cb says:

    I will be following you with great interest!

  2. cb says:

    So far, so good.

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  4. rmactsc says:

    Keep up the great writing.

  5. cb says:

    Since clicking the main title brings you here, you should consider a link following About two weeks ago … that takes the reader to Day 1

  6. cb says:

    Changes noted. Excellent.

    I was going to suggest linking “About two week ago …” as you did, but I didn’t want to come across as telling you how to write your blog. So obviously I approve 🙂

  7. Pat West says:

    Thanks for your “like” interesting website you’ve got as well! All best for the New Year.

    • Cat Reyes says:

      Thank you. I hope your hopes for the new year are fulfilled. 🙂

      • Pat West says:

        Smile! (I used to work as a relay operator for the deaf and hard of hearing. They would use cues to signal voice tone: Big smile.)

        Just curious. You liked the post This May Be Just What We Need. In my P.S., I asked readers for their opinion. What do YOU think?

        Would you be interested in writing a review of Surviving for Amazon (and/or elsewhere)? If so, provide an email address and I’ll forward you an ecopy. Grins.

  8. Jeo Xhong says:

    I will most def be following. Zombies are one of my greatesrt interests in lyfe! ❤

  9. Wow, great to see this kind of thing… well done! I’m doing a serial zombie story myself, though very different. I’d love more people to check it out!

    Thanks Chrystina, great blog 🙂

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