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I was reminded that I haven’t yet posted an introduction here. My apologies for the oversight. It wasn’t intentional.

To begin with, I’m Cat’s dad. I’m also a writer, currently focusing on informational articles that cover a wide range of interests. I also do quite a bit of editing of articles written by other writers (which definitely doesn’t mean that my own won’t have errors in them).

Most of my professional training is for either computer software technology or restaurant management and operations. The two aren’t very similar, but it just worked out that way.

When I’m not writing and editing, I’m likely to be out in the garden, out fishing or out camping. All of these are interests and I write about all of them on occasion. Other articles tend to be about wild animals and care, owing to the fact that I’ve been rehabilitating wild animals for nearly a half century. It wouldn’t be understating it to say that I have a keen interest in wild animals. This is something Cat has inherited and she is quite knowledgeable in regard to animal care, though she might deny it.

The first 12 years of my life were spent at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. The love of animals probably came from that experience. For those who aren’t familiar with the park, it is a mountain national park with beautiful vistas, lots of plants and a huge number of wild animals. It also gets plenty of snow. There is usually snow on the ground about nine months out of the year and in the middle of winter, it is quite common for there to be snow banks in excess of 10 feet (over three meters).

I learned survival from an early age and that included snow survival, survival in the woods and plant lore. I took survival courses and also ended up teaching survival. Being an herbalist and in keeping with also being a survivalist, it is wonderful to learn about new plants that can be eaten or used for medicinal purposes. In fact, when we do get to go out camping, I like to supplement meals with wild fare, including mushrooms. (Yummy!)

I agreed to help keep a watch on Cat’s pages because she is going to college and working, too. My writing brings in a bit, but her income is the most that comes into the household, so I’m hoping that this relieves a bit of the pressure that is on her right now.

Incidentally, very little of my writing is first person, though this introduction is almost entirely FPS.

It is nice to meet everyone, and please don’t be afraid to say hello, ask questions or to make suggestions.