Standard Disclaimer

  • This blog is a purely fictional enterprise. In other words, there is no zombie apocalypse. Or werewolf attacks.
  • The purpose of this blog is to entertain readers in a unique way.
  • This blog is written just for fun. It may contain errors and typos (which will be corrected when they are found).
  • All characters appearing in this blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental. Any commonality to events, current, historical, fictional, or real, is also coincidental.
  • This blog is not recommended for children.
  • All rights of this blog are reserved.
  • Reproduction of characters or events contained within this blog is strictly prohibited.
  • Some trademarks mentioned in this blog are for identification purposes only.
  • Do not read while operating heavy machinery.
  • Neither website or author are responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform.
  • Some mental assembly required.
  • Batteries not included.
  • The expressions or experiences of characters within the contents of this blog do not represent the opinions of the author, her family, her friends, her cats, or her dogs.
  • No solicitors.
  • This Disclaimer does not apply to crafts. Feel free to share those as many of them will be shared from elsewhere.
  1. cb says:

    Hmm, maybe I need one of these …

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