Other Thoughts and Odds ‘N’ Ends

I have decided to back off of Cleopatra’s Journal. This may disappoint some of you, but I hope not for long. I have to do some soul searching and determine whether I want to go and publish this novel. It was originally intended as a bout of fun, but due to the reviews and suggestions, I have to take the option of publishing seriously. I may choose not to, and if I don’t the story will continue as it was, even though the dates will no longer reflect the continuity.

However, I would like to share my thoughts and experiences with those around me. Feel free to suggest topics that you would like to see discussed or ask questions if you want more information on what I do cover.

Random Thoughts:

A Ramble – Why did I write Cleopatra’s Journal

Bad Neighbors

Life Explained

About this Blog:

Just Curious

Workin’ Away

A Random Thought on Bigfoot and Werewolves

Tip About Writing

Finding a Balance

Thanks to A Comment


More About Me:

An Important Person in My Life – Phoebe

The Fire

Feel free to leave comments, recommendations, or suggestions!

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