About the Authors


Cat Reyes is currently working on a teen paranormal series and English Bachelor’s Degree. When she isn’t picking away at the keyboard, she spends time enjoying life in Montana with her two cats, two dogs, and husband. Her hobbies include camping, fishing, listening to music, and trying to break her records for number of horror movies watched in a day and for number of books read in a day.


Rex Trulove is a survivalist, avid gardener, wildlife rehabilitator, fisherman, herbalist and writer in northwest Montana.

Most of his training has been as a computer technical engineer. The other interests already mentioned are primarily hobbies. Living in Montana allows me to pursue each of these interests.

Most of what Rex writes is informational, sometimes in depth, sometimes not and occasionally with a humorous point of view. He enjoys helping people, and this style of writing allows him to do that, while hopefully giving people something fun to read.

As his grandmother used to say, “A day without learning something new is a day wasted.”

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. I really appreciate it!

  2. Hey, I had a question for you. Apart from the great writing you put on display here, how do you go about getting so many followers? I’m sort of new at this and any tips would help a ton. Thanks!

    • Cat Reyes says:

      Honestly, Cary, I have no clue. LOL. I just started… two or three days before Christmas. I am shocked at all the followers I have. But I think I will do a post on it, since you brought it up. 🙂

      • Ha ha. Great answer! Maybe that’s the best answer? lol

      • Cat Reyes says:

        It probably is. I just write about what I care about and people come to read…. but I do think that there is a little more than my funky writing that draws people. A lot of people just come and look without actually following my posts. Just do what you love, write about what you care about, and have fun with it. As they say ‘Build it and they will come.’ 😉

  3. naturen3rd says:

    Thanks for all the shares!

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