Other thoughts on writing.

Posted: October 14, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Other Thoughts
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Some thoughts on writing.

You know, I have heard both sides of the writing debate. The first side claims that writing is seriously easy. The other side claims that you need to “cut open a vein” in order to write. For me, both things occur. Sometimes ideas flow like water down a waterfall. Other times, it’s like trying to squeeze blood from a rock. Just like any other job.

Yes, you heard me. Writing is like any other job. Writing and job appear in sentences together pretty often now, but people still seem to think writing is a hobby of sorts, its not. Some writers take years for their books to actually take shape. Others can take as few as six months from scribbled pad to published work. The fact is that it is a job and it is both easy and hard. I seriously doubt that writers can get through one piece and say that they didn’t have any rough spots in the writing of it. There had to be at least one moment of either “I suck” or “What next” to jazz things up or we wouldn’t write in the first place.

Writing is a challenge. A challenge where you have to decide what words in what sequence work best to produce an image or idea in the reader’s mind. Sometimes those words and sequences of words come easy. Sometimes they come hard.

Don’t judge a writer unless you can truly say you have spent a day in their shoes. And we are talking about their shoes, not just the shoes of a writer.

  1. I would disagree with this. Writing is not that subjective. There are facts, language, words, and numerable considerations to keep in mind and comment on.

    • Cat Reyes says:

      Thank you for your thoughts. I agree that writing can be a complex piece of work. But my point was not solely about writing, but about treating it like it was a job. Especially for people who seem to think writing is a simple task. In my time of writing, I can honestly say that I have had both sides of the spectrum occur, from the hard to the easy and every spot in between. 🙂

  2. Jeo Xhong says:

    Most def agree. I’m struggling a bit in working some projects of my own. Jes trying to get in the proper groove is enuff alone to drive writers and any creative worker to drink XP

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