Weapons in a Zombie Apocalypse

Posted: March 17, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Zombie
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I have noticed in my strolls through the net that many people rave about the weapons that they would use in a zombapoc. Sadly, I started noticing a pattern in these tools. More than half of the recommended tools are guns. Now, I have been thinking that while they are undoubtedly wonderful to use in the zombapoc there are a couple problems that will occur sooner or later.

1)      The sound will undoubtedly draw more zombies. So it’s fine to use a gun if you are already being chased by a mass of zombies but not for individual take outs.

2)      Bullets will eventually become extinct. Think about it. No one is going to make more, unless you are lucky enough to know someone who can make bullets. Sad fact: you will eventually run dry.

So if no guns, what can you use? Actually, there are a lot of things that can become a tool in the hands of someone who is a little creative and willing. So what are they?

machete photo: Machete Machete.jpg The Standard Machete – Ok. You probably know this one, it’s kind of a duh statement but still. This is a good tool for severing spines. Just remember that the head is still dangerous. Until the brain is destroyed, the zombie can continue to live. Its body may even still move until the brain is gone. So just remember that.

baseball bat photo:  baseball-bats.png The Baseball Bat – On its own, the bat can be a formidable tool. But if you want to spruce it up a bit for more damage, find some nails and a hammer. Yup, pound the nails in enough that they bite the wood and aren’t likely to come back out on flesh impact. You can do the same thing with a piece of lumber or a thick branch.

rake photo: Concrete Rake Concrete-Rake-002.jpg Metal Rake – You can use this bad boy as it is. Those tines can be pretty nasty. You may need to saw it down to a reasonable length for best force of impact, but otherwise, this is just as handy as a shovel.

shovel photo: Shovel shovel.jpg Shovel – Yup, this bad boy can sever the head clean off or it can be used for blunt object impact to the head.

axe photo: axe axe.png Pickaxe and Axe – Do I need to say more on these guys?

hammer photo: hammer darkhammerleft.jpg Hammer – Use the claw for the best results.

rope photo: Rope rope.jpg Rope – Yeah this can be used. Try stringing it across a doorway or between trees. It trips up the zombies for a few minutes and allows you the chance to dispatch the zombies or gives you time to get away. (If you are in a forest, this gives you extended time to get up a tree or to regroup so you can turn attacker instead of victim – in a house or building, allows you the extra moments to get out the window.) The rope can also be used to set up other traps but I will save that topic for another date.

For those weapons enthusiasts:

mace photo: Mace Heavy-Flanged-Mace.jpg Mace – Oh yeeeeaaaah. This baby can do some good damage.

sword photo: sword sword.jpg Sword – Nuf’ said.

flail photo: flail two_ball_medieval_flail_s3.jpg Flails – Also good for destroying zombies. But be careful, it is known to damage its user as much as its intended victim.

What tools can you come up with? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas!

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  1. Can I insert a reality check here?

    There will always be ammunition if the world is full of zombies because zombies can’t shoot.
    Guns are distance weapons i.e they allow you to stand off your victim.
    Guns allow you to kill easier as you are divorced from the reality.
    Guns are the preferred choice for those who haven’t killed.

    The question you have to ask yourself is could you really use a blade or melee weapon.
    Have you EVER USED A blade or melee weapon?
    Ever been close enough to smell a person’s sweat, look into their eyes, FEEL them?
    Hows about that reaction they make when you strike.

    Bit sickening when you reduce it down to a personal level isn’t it.

    All the zombie sites talk about hacking people down, smashing their heads in, etc BUT could you do that to a child? The glib response of many will be “Do it or Die” but it is a glib answer.

    There is a really gruesome site called documentingreality.com It’s full of REALLY NASTY HORRIBLE pictures of what blades and melee weapons can do.

    For those playing at zombie hunting I’d not look at it if I was you.

    • Cat Reyes says:

      Reality check accepted. I have to argue the ammunition, however. Depending on how long the zombie apocalypse lasts, the amount of ammunition could very well vanish. Unless a person is willing to go into an epicenter, there are only a collection of towns that carry ammunition. Then you have to consider military reactions to populations of zombies. They would most likely attack towns that are filled with zombies, even to the point of leveling that town, which would impact the ammunition possibilities. Then of course other zombie survivors may have already cleared out various ammunition that they can use and those that they cant.

      It is worse if a person has to strike down a family member or friend who has changed. I agree that the weapons are not pretty when used and typically take a lot of training to use effectively. Without appropriate training, the weapons that you use will be good for nothing more than blunt trauma.

      In the end, it will come to a point of you or them. If you don’t fight back, if you don’t kill them, you will die. That leads to your comment of the glib answer of “do it or die”. This glib answer will become reality if we ever saw a zombie apocalypse. And your question about having handled some of these weapons, my answer to many of these is yes. An ex-boyfriend bought swords and I have handled them. I can tell you that they are useless without training, not to mention heavy. Even with appropriate training, I agree that the cuts will be gruesome. It’s not like on tv where the sword cuts through bone. Chances are, unless you are super strong, that wont happen. But then again, the point is to sever the head from the body or cause the head enough trauma to the head that the body stops functioning.

      I have dreamed of fighting zombies and having no choice but to strike down those that I care about because they have become the living dead. (Secret, in my dreams, I always wake up just when I am about to die.) But here is a question you may want to ask yourself, would you rather become the undead and hurt someone else? I wouldn’t. I would rather die completely than become one of the ranks. So then you have to wonder if you would rather die, could you do it yourself? Or would you need to have someone else do it for you? And by “do it” I mean take that last blow that would stop yourself from returning. Many people would not want to kill others in their lifetime, so in a way you will be doing them a favor in their death.

      Just something other to think about. And thank you for bringing up your thoughts. I appreciate them, a lot! 🙂 Keep em coming.


      • 🙂 Happy days, glad you didn’t get mad.
        Having picked up a few where a machete and melee type weapons have been deployed I feel it some sort of duty to nudge zombie hunters about the reality behind the rhetoric.

      • Cat Reyes says:

        Well, you made me think a little harder on what I was saying and I appreciate it. It got another post, which I hope you enjoy. You were right because I was thinking of just having the weapons, but the reality is more than that. Keep up the thoughts and comments!

  2. If we are going to talk reality checks. The average ‘Samurai Sword’ seems so popular in games and movies, would last maybe a few chops and that is if you don’t hit the bone. The blade is very thin and usual swords that you see are horribly made.

    Then you have the issue Thoughtfullyprepping rightly brought up. Your average person has never attacked some with sword and would not know the correct way to use it, probably hurting themselves in the process.

    When I first started to spar with a bokken and other melee weapons, I was happy if I managed to only hit myself a few times, let alone hit the other guy. Getting it to move in the right direction in a challenge in itself. As well as making sure you got the sharp edge going towards the target and not the flat or blunt edge.

    But, we are writers, and we can have a bit of leniency in what we make. It is fiction after all. And until it becomes non-fiction, we can sit back and enjoy the world we create.

    • Cat Reyes says:

      🙂 Reality check approved. Actually, this part of the blog is reality, so technically its not the world I am creating, but serious considerations for if something ever did happen. I started working with the smaller version of a quarterstaff at one point, before I left my trainer (moved) and you are right, I was happy if I smacked myself a few times when compared to the hundreds of times I hit myself with it. Even a hammer could be a dangerous tool unless you know how to use it (I’m sorry, I am perky today) just imagine all the sore thumbs out there!

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