Break and New Author

Posted: March 9, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Other Thoughts
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Hi everyone, I just popped in to say I just got a job and after two days work I realized that I am unable to write at this time. So all of you get a new writer for a while and I will pop in from time-to-time and drop a few lines when I get used to the new schedule. Ha! and just a few days ago I wrote a ‘no’ page. Go figure.

Anyway, my dad agreed to help me out so you will still get some good reading material. Anyway, this is the welcome to Rex Trulove. Please say hello.

Also, for those of you waiting on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, it too is on hold for the moment. But never fear, every spare moment is spent working on it and hopefully I will have it ready soon. So keep looking for updates!

  1. Work to live, don’t become a zombie and live to work.

    • Cat Reyes says:

      LOL Now you tell me. I am a zombie for the moment, but hopefully once I get used to the work, then I will be working on Cleo’s Journal and posting again. 🙂

  2. Rex Trulove says:

    Good point. I work because it is a choice I make, not because it controls me. Okay, so little things like eating and having a place to sleep are sort of nice too, but…

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