Types of Zombies

Posted: February 26, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Survival
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I would have to say that the zombie apocalypse is something that no one is really looking forward to. But there are some things that will help with the possibility.

First, know what you are dealing with. There are different types of zombies, which a brief look-a-bout will tell you. You have the classic, slow moving, stupid zombie. This type is generally the kind that rises from the grave and has usually been dead for a while. They will typically be emaciated and covered in dirt from residing beneath the earth.

Next you have the modern zombie. This kind is usually freshly dead. Though members of the classic zombie can be found in herds of this kind, they are more likely to be the reanimated corpses of the recent dead. They aren’t as slow as their classic counterparts, and can break into short-distance runs.

Next is the new zombie. These creatures are reproduced in the same way as their modern cousins. However, they are better able to run and have some semblance of either memory or thinking.

Now that you have a fair idea of what you’re up against, you will want to get down to the main point: Surviving.

The best bet is to be prepared. Stock up now, while you still have time. Pack up non-perishable foods, weapons and ammunition, first aid kits, and water. Water is going to be a problem though. Especially if you run out. Any regular water-source could be contaminated by zombies and there is no way to know what can be done to remove the contaminants.

Don’t pack up weapons that you aren’t familiar with though. You will want to practice regularly with any weapons you prefer. The current fad is to work with crossbows or regular bows and arrows.

Next you want to keep an eye on the news. Look for any outbreaks for any strange viruses and plan accordingly.

Finally, you will want to avoid metropolitan areas. The more dense the population the more likely you will to run into zombies. Smaller populated areas are still hazardous.

Always plan in advance and keep up on anything zombie by purchasing books and reading documents that have anything to do with zombies. Even movies are a good source of information. Just beware of hokey graphics and poor plot lines. Still, you can learn a lot of “do not dos” by watching these flicks.

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