A Tasty Winter Snack

Posted: February 24, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Other Thoughts

Last night, we had a nice little snowstorm blow through and my mom and I decided to make our yearly winter treat. I decided to share it with you, so that if you get some good powder snow, you can enjoy one of my favorite snacks. I call them Icees.


I don’t know how or when my parents came up with it, but every since I was a little kid, my parents made my brother and I this cold snack using snow, Kool-aid, and a cup of sugar. It has been one of my favorite things about winter for years. I just got my husband into it a couple years ago and he loves it, too.

What you do is get a large  bowl (we are talking large, think of your biggest bowl – trust me on this) full of snow. Pour the Kool-aid evenly over the surface of the snow (just use one for best results). Pour a cup, to 1 1/2 cup sugar over the Kool-aid and start mixing. You want the color of the koolaid to distribute evenly through the snow. This, unfortunately, takes a little while. I figure about ten minutes of stirring. Then serve up and enjoy. 

It doesn’t work with snow that is starting to melt. It has to be powder snow or the treat doesn’t come out so well.



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