Some of My Short Stories

Posted: February 22, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Stories
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I spent most of my morning writing a paper, so my brain is bushed. Today, I thought I would give you guys my collection of short stories. I used to write for (I don’t recommend it unless you use it for training your writing abilities) and now that they switched to their new platform, I have given up writing for them. But anyway, I had a ton of short stories on their site. Since I can’t post them here, I am going to link to them. So here ya go:
Not Running Away

One of my favorites: Winter Romance

He Promised

This one was created for Mythology class and was really awkward to write: How the Boogeyman was Created

This is an earlier (much earlier) start for my other novel: The Party

The Boyfriend

The Father – It’s named incorrectly on the site

The New Day

A story I wrote when I was twelve: How the Panther Lost its Roar

This, I think, is my best short story: The Baby

Just as a warning, I’m a terrible poet, but I figure what they hey, so here are two of my poems.

One of my first poems: Death

Another of my first poems: Breath of Death

Which stories are your favorites?


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