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Posted: February 21, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Other Thoughts
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Today, I have been working on my school stuff. I have to admit that I hate textbooks. Most of them use terminology that is completely unfamiliar. So, as a student, you end up overwhelmed and confused. What is wrong with these people? They would get better results and students would have an easier time, if these people just wrote in a more common lingo. It’s not rocket science!

textbook photo: open textbook textbook.jpg

But no, I have a typical text-book that has me completely overwhelmed and on top of that the class wants me to write a two- to three-page paper on how a work enters a literary canon. The problem isn’t the length, the problem resides in the fact that I am going to have to figure out how a work actually gets into the canon. And so far… I am finding nothing. The text doesn’t help more than stating that institutions made up of teachers and literary researchers determine how a piece is above and beyond the typical literature of the period. Please tell me how that helps…? I am betting that my best bet would be to ask someone who actually is involved in plugging texts into an anthology, what makes them determine what works? And since that is impossible, I am going to have to have a think about it. (Yes, in that sentence a ‘think’ is used as a noun.)

While I am thinking about it, I am watching some recorded Finding Bigfoot episodes. I bet that will help more than the text does. I wish the people who write out what we are supposed to do for our assignments would actually read the texts they form the assignments on. I mean, they would quickly find out that what they are asking us to do, at least half the time, are impossible. The other half of the time I am left wondering if the teachers actually read the texts that the students are required to read. I swear, the last class I had, the instructor was only reading student comments and basically repeating them back in more ‘intellectual language’.

On an aside, I am still working on Surviving the Apocalypse novel (maybe series) and am still hoping for a completion date of the end of next month. But if I keep getting stumped by the class stuff in the next five weeks, it may be longer before I can finish it. I hope not. I am now wishing for the days that I wasn’t in school. 🙂

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  1. Never liked languages, hated history, detested geography, and loathed social studies.
    8 books, just the right amount of thickness to raise my TV enough to see it lying in bed.
    And to think my dad said that one day I’d find how useful books were! He was right.

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