Did you know that historically speaking, vampires and werewolves were pretty much the same creature? The ways that they became the beasts they were are almost identical. I have started thinking that they were the same creature, at least in the past. Or at least interchangeable.

Only a human could become a werewolf or vampire. They were doomed to become a vampire or werewolf by their birth, which could have been with a caul over the head, teeth, hair, or as the seventh son/daughter of the seventh son/daughter. Even transmitting the disease was similar. By bite, curse, or bargain with the devil. They have a variety of species around the world, some of which have the same attributes or fit into both categories of vampire and lycanthropy. They were both ruled by the night. But they differ by what kind of night controls them, and what they want in prey.

The werewolf was a human that could transform into a wolf creature by the light of the full moon or when the wolfsbane bloomed. The vampire, while it could turn into wolves or bats by choice, were dominated completely by the night. It didn’t matter if the moon was full. And they weren’t controlled by a plant, unless you consider the stake a means of control.

The werewolf was more interested in eating the entirety of their prey, or at least as much as they could. Vampires tended to only drink blood. Both creatures prefer human prey as their food supply.

It just seems to me that these creatures have a lot more in common than not. What do you think?

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