Kinds of Therionthropes – Naga and Nagini

Posted: February 18, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Werewolf
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The first creature to be examined is the naga and the nagini. It is a mythological creature from Hindustan Mythology that is known throughout India. Males are known as the naga, females are known as the nagini.

naga photo: naga Naga_by_Audriana.jpg

Earliest records described the naga as being able to take several forms: a snake with seven human heads, a snake with seven snake heads, or a full snake. Today, it is common to think that the naga and nagini have three forms. One resembles the mermaid: a head, torso, and arms, of a human with the body of a snake attached. The others are fully snake and fully human. Unlike many of the other creatures of the therionthrope circuit the naga and nagini can change their shape at will.

Also, unlike many other shape-changers, they have extra abilities. They can control water and have a psychic ability that allows them to see everything about a person. However, it is not like being able to predict when you decide to build a fire!

Like many creatures who are different, the fear of fire is intense and can cause the naga or nagini to panic. This can be extremely dangerous because their full snake form tends to be the king or Indian cobras.

They prefer to live in underground caverns that have lakes or rivers. Their homes of stones and jewels that they harvest themselves. All naga and nagini love music and plants. Since plants won’t grow below ground (unless you count fungus) they will often go above to experience the two.

There is something to be aware of, the naga and nagini are quick to anger and highly vengeful. Hurt one of them and you may end up with a whole crowd chasing you until they can exact their vengeance. They are highly protective of each other and their homes. If either is threatened, they will not hesitate to protect what is theirs.

Otherwise, the naga and nagini are helpful creatures, willing to help humans by giving protection or aid. The problem then lies in what kind of person you are. With their ability to know everything about you, it would be hard to fool them into thinking you are a good person. They will only help the good people and refuse to appear or assist people who have dark intentions.

If you accidentally upset or anger a naga or nagini, your best bet is to offer them milk, which they consider a delicacy.

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