With all the work I have been doing lately, I know that some of you are wondering if I will ever finish Cleo’s Journals. The fact is I am consumed with working on Cleo’s first journal. I have been going through and organizing it, as these pictures reveal, as well as doing some plot line corrections.


I found a couple of glaring errors and have been trying to figure out how to fix them. For instance, in Day 16, Cleo was banned from the dining hall. Yet, in Day 17, she goes right back to it. In another, she was told she would start interviewing others and yet has only done the interview with Mel. So the days are going to be moved around.


Others are just basic word order and sentence fluidity issues (plus a handful of typos). My goal is to finish the basic edits in the next few days then start work on the second draft.


I have yet to finish it, unfortunately, which is why I am going over everything. I want to see where I was going and finish that up, then in the second draft add the new entries, flesh out a couple of the old ones, and tie them all together in a nice tight bow.

I wanted to let you all know this because I was recently hired and will be trying to restructure my somewhat non-existent schedule. Not only do I now have to plan for work, but I am currently in school online (I wouldn’t recommend Ashford for anyone who is thinking about it – I would transfer but I am running out of allotted funds for education), working on Cleo’s Journals, and I have another series that I have been working on (it’s been put on hold because of Cleo). Plus, I want to keep up on putting information on my blog. So my schedule is a bit wonky at the moment.


And that’s it for the update on Cleo’s Journals. Keep an eye open for more updates. 🙂


Feel free to leave comments, recommendations, or suggestions!

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