One of the principle tools to have is a vampire hunter’s notebook. Why? Because you can keep track of everything vampire. Keeping a vampire notebook is kind of like having a journal. You keep notes from research and personal experiences within easy reach. It is also a place to keep thoughts that other vampire hunters or researchers may have missed. In the end, you can pass the notebook down to the next vampire hunter or researcher so that they can have the value of your knowledge.

pen and notebook photo: Pen and Notebook penandnotebook.jpg

You will want to divide the notebook into sections for each kind of vampire. This makes it easier for you if you get called on a hunt and need to look up vampire specific information. What you will want to have on each vampire are notes on identification, habits, prevention, deterrents, destruction, and personal notes.

Description and identification are the elements in which you can identify the specific kind of vampire. But beware; many vampires have similar attributes. In the habits area, list where the vampire typically lives, what it subsides on, and any abilities it may have. For those of us who are aware of it, different vampires have different feeding habits. Some can live off energy, sexual fluids, or other bodily fluids (which can be very gross). Prevention should be used to list anything that would prevent a victim of a vampire from rising as one of the undead. Deterrents are tools or items that make the vampire back away or become engrossed, allowing you a better chance of incapacitating it. Destruction is the means by which the vampire can be destroyed (use “traditional” if a stake is all that is needed). Finally, notes should be anything that you notice or that is unconnected to the other areas in your entry.

For example an entry could look like this:


Description/Identification: Hebrew. Change appearance at will. Can be incorporeal. Associated with demons and witches. Sometimes reverts to demonic shape.

Habits: Flies, lives in populated locations. Prefers children, but will take on an adult. Drinks blood.

Prevention: Put dirt in mouth of suspected victim to prevent them from raising.

Deterrents: None known.

Destruction: Traditional.

Notes: (This is a for instance – I haven’t personally hunted the Estrie). Use Hawthorne would, not Ash. Doesn’t react to seeds or sand. Icons work well for deterrent.

And you have a basic entry. Make sure that you have enough room to add more information as needed (especially in the notes section).

Thanks to Matthew Bunson’s The Vampire Encyclopedia for the information used in the example.

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