Vampire Hunting Kit

Just as with any other profession, vampire hunters have specific tools. These tools may not be the conventional items found in other professions and actually contain some distinctly non-professional items. The basic kit should have a hammer and stakes, holy water, and a crucifix or cross. However, there are many other tools that are available for inclusion into your kit.

Any time you are called out to hunt vampires, you must make sure that you have tools specific to the creature in question. So keep in mind different tools will work better depending on the species you are hunting.


Many vampire species around the world have idiosyncrasies concerning knots. This means that the vampire has to stop and untie all the knots in a rope or net before it can carry on with its dastardly deeds. So it would be a good idea to carry a knotted mass of rope, twine, or string; or a fishnet to keep the vampire in question occupied.

Another quirk for vampires lies in having to count small objects. You can take a handful of seeds, grains, coins, or sand and throw it at the vampire. The vampire in question will have to stop and either pick up or simply count the items thrown at it. This should give you enough time to get away or figure out another plan of action to use against the vampire.

Though I have mentioned the cross and crucifix, you can actually use any icon that resembles your faith. You should get them blessed by a priest or priestess of your religion for the best results. But these little trinkets will only work if you truly and absolutely believe in what they represent. This means that if you don’t believe in it, it won’t work. You must also remember that using an icon will only work as a deterrent, not as a weapon. To know if it works, watch the reaction of the vampire. It will back away, throwing its hands or arms over its eyes as if the icon were glowing with holy light. Some users say that the icon will actually glow with enough faith.

Holy water can be considered a weapon, but I am putting it in the deterrent area simply because you would need a whole lot of it to use it as a weapon. Holy water will act like acid on vampire flesh, so aim it for the face if you can. You can also make then swallow it, which will have a much stronger impact. Another way to use it is to douse all of your tools. Soak your icon in it before a hunt for the best possible result of both items.

The scent of garlic drives vampires batty (forgive the pun). You should have at least one clove of garlic in your tool kit, but you can make a kind of garlic perfume to spritz on your body and tools with. Applying the scent of garlic to your tools is a good idea because it prevents the vampire from using said tool against you if you drop it, or if the vampire is lucky enough to pull it away from you.


bow and arrows photo: Bow and arrow bow_designs_by_Wen_M.jpg

A bow is another tool that can be extremely handy, as long as the arrows are made of wood (they work better if they are blessed). Any bow can be used so find one that you are comfortable with. The most commonly used are recurve or compound bows, and recently crossbows have come into fashion. You will also want to get a selection of arrows made from various woods. It may be easier to make your own if you can get the wood you need.

gun photo: Gun gun.jpg

Many people tout the awesomeness of having a pistol with silver bullets, but here, I dissuade from using them. Guns inflict a lot of pain, but even silver will only serve to aggravate the vampire. If you choose to use a gun and bullets, you will want to shoot the head completely off. So in reality it isn’t worth all the money you would spend to keep up a supply of high content silver bullets for your gun.

sword photo: sword sword.jpg

Swords, saws, axes, or hatchets are great weapons to have in your arsenal for the main reason of being able to dismember the vampire corpse for burning. If you get skilled enough with their use, you can be like Abraham Lincoln and take of vampire heads with one swipe. If you can, get these weapons made with silver, or that have thick silver coating. For that extra oomph, get them blessed by a priest.

While the mallet or hammer can be made from anything from plastic to wood, it is important that your stakes are made from a variety of woods. This is important because only specific woods will destroy a vampire. You will also want to have a large supply of these stakes since you have to leave the stake in the heart, even after dismemberment, to prevent the vampire from waking up.


Mirrors are a useful tool to have in your arsenal. They should be small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. If you are ever in a populated location, this will allow you to check to see if there is a vampire. Just remember, it is common for vampires to be completely unseen in the reflection of the mirror. In olden times, it was believed that the true soul of the vampire would reveal itself in the glass, meaning the image would more likely be the reflection of a demon than nothing at all.

The first thing you should have is something to carry the tools in. Many people like having a trunk, but the fact of the matter is you need something that will hold your tools and is easy to carry with you. Many people prefer a backpack or duffle-bag to carry their tools in. A duffle-bag is often the easiest bag because you will be able to fit larger or longer tools into it than you would a backpack. A trunk is fine for in the home to hold your entire arsenal, but make sure it is lockable. Too many times, inquisitive minds will rifle through your things and it is simply easier to be safe rather than sorry.

A rope is a handy tool to have, as long as it is strong. It should be at least as long as you are tall, stand up to an amazing amount of pressure (remember that vampires are often incredibly strong) but thin enough for you to work. If you can manage to find a rope made from wood fiber, you may be able to get away with less pressure, but it has to be made from the wood that the vampire is ‘allergic’ to.

A crossbar isn’t really something important to have in your tool kit, but it is seriously helpful for breaking into vampire crypts. Other non-essentials include wire cutters, a lock picking kit, and bolt cutters for this and similar purposes.

Finally, a vampire notebook is an essential part of the kit. It’s necessary because you need to keep track of what you are doing and how you are doing it; what works and what doesn’t; and whatever else you learn from your various experiences with vampire kind.

While all these weapons have their uses and are best when used against the vampire populace, it is important to practice their function as often as possible. A tool is only as good as the person who uses it, remember that.

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