In today’s folklore, vampires appear much like anyone else, which means that anyone you know could be a vampire. So what do you do to figure out if someone is a vampire? Well, there are a few things you can try, such as creating a series of tests or look for specific signs of vampirism.

The main differences between vampires and humans are they are 1) nocturnal, and 2) extremely pale. However, these shouldn’t be your sole identifiers since humans can be nocturnal and pale. Given that Meyer’s vampires are daytime and sparkle in direct sunlight, you can rule out nocturnal in some cases, as well.

First, answer the questions below with a yes or no. If you have more than three yeses, you are likely in the middle of a vampire hunting ground.

  • Do you suddenly have no problems with rats or mice?
  • Do your dogs, or other smaller animals, vanish without warning?
  • Do your neighbors sport band-aids on their necks and seem lethargic?
  • Do your neighbors, family, and friends speak of strange dreams where someone attacks them?
  • Do they have lapses in memory (usually in connection with the band-aids)?
  • Do your neighbors, family, and friends suddenly act differently than what you have come to know of them?
  • Do they eat insects or talk with a horrible accent?

Now to start identifying who could be a vampire, you must ask another set of questions. More than five yeses will determine if the person you suspect of being a vampire really is one.

  • Does the person have elongated teeth, or pointed teeth?
  • Are the teeth stained red from the blood of their victims?
  • Do they seem to have continuous dry eyes?
  • Do their eyes turn red at random moments, especially during times of heightened emotion?
  • Do their eyes reflect light, usually a reddish color?
  • Do their eyes appear to be black, or randomly turn black (again more obvious during heightened emotions)?
  • Does their breath reek?
  • Does their breath smell of some kind of mint (vampires will often use mint to hide their horrible breath from normals)?
  • Do they seem excessively pale?
  • Do they wear unusual or outdated clothing?
  • Do they have an allergic reaction to sunlight, such as blisters forming on their skin when in direct sunlight for more than a few minutes?
  • Do they have excess hair or fur on their hands?
  • Do their fingernails end in a point or look more like claws?
  • If you were a religious icon, does it glow whenever they are around (this is the one case where a yes to this is indicative of vampirism)?
  • Do their manners reflect a different era?
  • Do they appeal to you in an extremely sexual way?
  • Do they seem to appear out of nowhere?
  • Or make very little sound when they move?
  • Do they move faster than the average person?
  • Are they stronger than the average person?
  • Are they supernaturally graceful in their movements?
  • Have you ever seen them eat food?
  • Do they seem to survive on a liquid diet?

Then, you should set up a collection of tests to make sure. The first test to devise is to see if they can enter your home without an invitation. There is a rule that anything evil will be unable to cross the portal into a place where people sleep. Once they have an invitation, however, they can come and go as they please, often after they have taken their pint of blood. Scatter seeds on your doorstep. If the person stops to count or collect the seeds, they could be a vampire. If they can enter the house, the next step is to make sure the house has crosses and mirrors. Vampires will do what they can to avoid mirrors and will flat hiss and cover their faces when around a crucifix or cross. Placing a plate of food liberally dosed with garlic will cause them to avoid the table or make excuses to leave. Also, you can fill a glass with holy water and either ‘accidentally’ spill it on them or allow them to drink from the glass. Normally steam will arise from the flesh the water was poured on, or the vampire will become amazingly sick if ingested. Finally, watch how animals react to the person in question. This is a bit iffy. Some people are not animal friendly and the animals can sense it. But if you have a vampire facing down an animal, the animal will either turn aggressive or flee at the sight of the vampire.


Feel free to leave comments, recommendations, or suggestions!

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