Probably the best show you could watch about surviving in various conditions is Man vs Wild. Bear Grylls has some wonderful tips for surviving in the wild. He also does some things that are pretty gross. But seriously he has some tips that you may, or may not have ever thought of.

Man vs Wild is the title in the United States, but it is called Born Survivor, Ultimate Survival, Survival Game, and Bear Grylls depending on where you are watching it. This show is worth it for anyone who says that they are a prepper or survivalist.

It is well worth watching, no matter if it grosses you out. 😉

Man VS Wild at

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  1. I’ve got a question. Where do the film crew sleep?
    You know, the behind the scenes guys and girls that make a hero look . . . heroic.
    Every time I watch those programs I wonder about them.

    • Cat Reyes says:

      LOL. I was wondering why the guy felt so alone on a lot of these episodes. I kinda wonder if the crew can’t actually talk to him or something. In one episode though, he mentioned the crew had special equipment. I wonder if they are allowed to carry special stuff, and if they actually share it with him in some of the episodes… This does open up a bunch of questions, doesn’t it. LOL

  2. naturen3rd says:

    As a survivalist, I feel it my duty to point out that most of the techniques on Man vs Wild are extremely risky and dangerous.

    The main tenant in survival is to minimize risk and put the odds in your favor. Drinking urine, climbing waterfalls, sliding down a mountain, jumping into unknown waters, etc, etc, are quick ways to get hurt and possibly die in a survival situation.

    I highly recommend that if you want to learn real survival (and not over glorified TV antics) to read some actual survival books and go practice in the wild.

    And if you want to watch a real survivor in the wild, watch Survivorman.

    • Cat Reyes says:

      The sad part is that I agree, but he still has some good tips. A lot of time he mentions reserving energy and stuff. He tends to go in a straight line instead of doing things that normal people would, like looking for another way down from the top of a cliff rather than cliff walking. I know that he did a Montana survival thing in his first episode, and he chose to go down using parachute rigging, or something similar. But if he had taken the time to look around you can typically find a way to get down the cliffs. All it takes is a little more time. But I guess the problem with him is that he has a time limit set up and his best route is to keep going straight to beat the time limit, rather than keep safe.

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