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Posted: February 8, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Writing
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Here are some prompts for writers. These prompts are somewhat for blogs, but can be used for any purpose, such as journaling, or creating a non-fiction or fictional piece. I sometimes use the journalling prompts to help me get to know a character that I am having trouble with. Mel from Cleopatra’s Journals, has a couple journal entries, for example. Feel free to check out these sites for ideas:
600 Brilliant Blog Post Ideas

Free Download: 365 Daily Writing Prompts

Free Picture Download: 31 Blog Post Ideas for January

Another 31 Writing Prompts for January 2014

52 Things to Post About 

Never Run Out of Ideas

101+ Content Ideas for Your Blog

16 Blog Prompts

25 Blog Ideas for the Uninspired

Some other Tips

Jane Friedman has some wonderful tips on everything from publishing your book to blog post ideas.

Self-Publishing Basics

Promotion Checklist for Marketing Your E-book

Maximizing Digital Book Sales

Pricing Your E-book

How to be a Successful Blogger 


Books that I tend to rely on for ideas:

Writer’s Book of Days

The Daily Writer

The Emotion Thesaurus (Weird choice, I know. But try choosing one of the emotions and writing a piece that uses everything listed about that emotion. Rule: You can’t use any one thing more than once. It’s kinda fun and a really nice challenge.)

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