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Shelter is supposed to be a sanctuary from anything that makes you uncomfortable, be it weather, insects, or zombies. Let’s say that you aren’t safely home when the zombapoc hits, then you will need to find some sort of shelter. The same is true if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere and it’s not because of zombies.

No matter the emergency, after you find a source of water, you need to find shelter. Sometimes a shelter cannot be easily found, or you wish to be closer to food and water, so your option is to build a place to keep you safe.

There are several things to keep in mind when thinking of shelter. You need to have access to a plentiful supply of water and materials for building it. Keep your eye on trees around your suggested shelter site, and remember to make it hard for enemies to get to without you noticing them. A wooded shelf would be a good place, as long as the shelter isn’t visible.

High ground is great for keeping your eyes and ears open for possible enemies or wild animals, but it also serves the purpose of keeping you out of reach in the case of flooding.

You will also need to keep in mind things like how much time you have to build a shelter, the adequacy of the shelter, and the amount of materials needed to make it. You may not have very much time, say if a storm was coming and it was the dead of winter. In the summer you would probably have a little more time. Adequacy pertains to how well the shelter will protect you from enemies, animals, insets, and the weather.

Materials and tools could be a problem. If you have a tarp or poncho, you can build a lean-to or tent to provide basic protection from everything. If not, you may need to build the lean-to or tent with poles that can be scavenged from the forest floor. To help prevent weather from getting to you, drape branches from trees over the wood, the thicker the pile the less likely weather will get inside. In places that do not have trees, your best bet is to find some kind of cave or a large rock to shelter you from the sun.

Your best bet in all cases is to find a natural shelter such as caves, clumps of bushes, heavy-limbed trees, or fallen trees with thick branches. These natural shelters will provide ample protection with a handful of additions.

For more information see The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics, and Techniques.  (BTW this book is totally awesome and well worth a purchase. It has everything about survival in it!)

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  1. Talking Zombies here aren’t we?
    Forget soft, think hard, look for buildings.
    Can’t manage that, think height. I’ve slung my hammock in upper branches of trees before now to avoid the yearly rutting season. 12 foot up (with a climbing harness and tether to stop me rolling out of ‘bed’). Safe as houses!

    • Cat Reyes says:

      Great idea. Zombies can’t climb any more than many of the creatures a shelter would protect you from. There is an illustration in the Survival book that I mentioned that shows how to create a safe hammock for shelter. Thanks for the comment!

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