I came up with this when I was doing some research today. Hope you all enjoy it. Remember, this is a kind of first draft and will be finished at a later date. No, it’s not done. It’s a two or three part short story. Enjoy!
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Man survives a Werewolf Attack!

The strange string of attacks and sighting culminated today in an unusual account by a local hunter who says he survived a werewolf attack. The three hunters; Michael Williams, Sean Corbet, and John Worth; had been hunting in the Mountains of Western Wyoming for nearly ten years, says Williams. The group, he claimed, did not believe the reports of strange animal mutilations or sightings of a giant hairy creature roaming the woods where they hunted. Since they had never seen such a creature, the three men assumed that the reports were of a bear and thought that they would resolve the issue that had, so far, baffled investigators.

The three men hiked into the Targee National Forest Tuesday afternoon, planning to bring back the bear. However, they were in for more than they could handle, admits Williams. The attack began after the three men heard what Williams described as, “the most unnatural howl I have ever heard.” The hunters were further concerned when a deer raced by right between them, apparently fleeing from a large predator. Shortly after the deer vanished, the men loosed their guns, starting to hear sounds of growling. Williams claims that the growls sounded like they were coming from a wolf.

At one point the growls stopped moving. As the men turned to face the wolf, a creature burst from the shrubbery and attacked, dragging Corbet just as quickly as it appeared. The screams stopped shortly after Corbet vanished, before the remaining men could react.

Williams claimed that he and Worth had no choice but to leave the man behind and go for help. As they ran, they were aware that the creature they barely caught a glimpse of was following them. As the two men reached a clearing, the beast appeared again, slapping Worth hard enough that Williams heard the other man’s neck snap. Then the creature turned on Williams.

“It was tall, taller than a man,” claimed Williams, “and covered in fur. It smelled terrible and looked worse. It was like some strange mesh of wolf, man, and bear. There was nothing else it could be, but a werewolf.”

The creature took a swipe at the remaining man who, with quick thinking, pretended to be killed by it. “It swatted me around a bit,” Williams stated, “but it must’ve gotten bored because it wandered away.” The werewolf, Williams asserted, was eating the remains of his friend.

“After that, I thought I’d better get the **** out of there. I crawled until I reached the tree-line before running the rest of the way to the truck.”

When asked why he didn’t immediately go to, or call, the police. Williams had this to say, “I honestly hadn’t thought of it. My first thought was to get the **** out of there. When I saw I was bleeding, I could only think about getting to the hospital.”

Dr. George Lebrowski treated Williams wounds. He admitted that, “Williams had several deep cuts across his chest and arms from where a creature struck him. The wounds were reminiscent of a bear’s claw.” Williams received forty-three stitches on his chest and arms.

When the authorities returned to where Williams claimed his fellow hunters were, they were unable to find the remains.

Deputy Sheriff James Rainier of the Park County Police Force had this to say, “The guy is in shock. Doesn’t know what he saw. It’s probably a bear that attacked him, but to be honest, I wouldn’t put it past Williams to have had something to do with the missing men.”

Williams has been released into police custody where he is being detained for further questioning.

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