Destroying a Werewolf

Posted: January 28, 2014 by Cat Reyes in Werewolf
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So we have covered how to identify, how to cure, and what a werewolf really is. Now it is time to cover how to destroy the beast that haunts our dreams and nightmares.

In days gone by, people believed that the only cure for werewolf-ism was destruction. Few people, if any, knew that there were potential cures out there. Most who found out that the creatures were real didn’t care, mostly because they had lost a loved one to the claws of the werewolf in question. Those people just wanted the beast gone, which is understandable. But the truth of the matter is that sometimes the proclaimed cures don’t work and there is no other choice.

So, how do we destroy a werewolf? Yes, the silver bullet. However, the silver bullet may not work if used on its own. For the best results, the bullet needs to be blessed by a priest. (So should the gun, actually.) If a priest is unavailable, then your next bet is to dip the bullet in holy water. No holy water, then your bet is to melt down a blessed cross. If you take a cross without permission, the divinity that is held within will be lost through the act.

No bullets? Well, there is also silver mercury. But housing mercury in the silver mercury can be difficult. Thick casing can prevent the mercury from dispersing into the wolf’s body. Too thin and the casing will melt as it is pushed through the barrel of your gun. If a shell can’t be built around the mercury, you may need to inject the mercury, via needle, strait into the werewolf. Maybe the best method of delivery will be through darts. Darts can be modified to carry the silver mercury. The only think you have to remember is to target the major arteries, or directly over the heart for the best distribution.

Probably the most common option available for unnatural creatures is decapitation. Try to get your hands on a silver blade, or one that is silver coated, if this is your chosen method of destruction. However, if you are good with guns, try a machine gun or sub-machine. Using a shot-gun could resolve the issue if you make sure the pellets are silver. Just remember to remove the head completely before regeneration begins.

By the same token, the heart can also be removed for the same result. Try the shot-gun, the sub-machine, or machine guns for this purpose. You will not want to get close enough to take it out surgically. However, getting the heart in one or two shots is unlikely, so this really isn’t a viable option.

Fire is the best way to make sure that the creature won’t get back up. After you have taken out the creature, or think you have, you still need to dismember it and burn the pieces. This is the one true method of destruction.

The use of herbs will not destroy a werewolf. But, if you use the herbs correctly, you can make the creature falter long enough for you to either get away or do some damage. Monkshood, also known as wolfsbane, is the best herb for werewolf dealings. Other plants to use are Rye, and Mountain Ash. If you choose to hunt a wolf with a bow, make the bow and arrows from the wood of the Ash. As far as monkshood and rye, try to mix them into the wolf’s drink or food to get the desired effect.

Just remember that many who are terminally furry are subject to amnesia during their wolfish escapades. It is important to try curing the wolf first. Use destruction solely as a last resort.

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