Now that you know what a werewolf is, you may be curious about how to figure out if someone is terminally furry. Doing so can be much harder than it sounds. You may not be able to spot the wolves among the humans. It is simple to think that you would easily spot the wolf, but many go to great lengths to hide their signaling traits.

First, let us look at the human form. There are the typical features that mark werewolf-ism. Excessive hair is only one feature, and easy to hide, especially the hair on the palms. However, a uni-brow is a little harder to hide but can also be taken care of. Longer, sharper teeth can be brushed off as dental artistry or issues. The nails themselves may be tinted red, but that can be covered by nail polish. The nails tend to grow into points and are typically cut on a regular basis or are explained away.

There are some signs that are harder to hide. If the person is in a darkened room, shine a flashlight in their eyes. Like a dog, cat, or wolf, the eyes will reflect the glare of the light. Do they avoid the gym? Try to get them wet. Once they are sufficiently wet, they will give off the smell of a wet dog. Finally, check their hands, if their third finger is as long as, or longer than, the middle finger, this is a sign of a werewolf. Some werewolves will carry a scar-like symbol on their palm. This symbol is sometimes in the form of a pentagram or a wolf print.

If you are willing to try it, there is another way to determine if the person in question is a wolf. It is said that any wound taken in wolf form will appear on the human form. So your best bet is to try to wound the wolf and see if the suspected human has the same mark. However, this is not enough. But a tip is that if you are able to leave a mark on a wolf, try to make the mark distinctive and in an obvious place. That would be the easiest way to discern whether the wolf in question is truly a werewolf.

werewolf photo: werewolf Werewolf.jpg

Next, it is time to look at the wolf form. A werewolf will appear much like other wolves but its size will set it apart from the rest. Unfortunately, like the natural wolves, they travel in packs with other werewolves, making it hard to differentiate the size. They will also appear better fed than their natural cousins. Also, all of their teeth will be pointed and sharp, instead of just the canines.

Some werewolves will have a definite lack of a tail, or have only a stub in its place. Other human characteristics will be apparent, such as human eyes, fingers or toes on the paws, or complete hands or feet, even human genitalia.

Obviously a half-wolf, half-man form is an obvious giveaway of werewolf-ism. This full werewolf stands easily around six to seven feet tall, no matter the height of the human form. Like humans, it prefers to stand bipedal rather than on all fours. This form comes both with and without a tail and carries more wolf features than human.

Once you are sure that you have a wolf on your hands, the next step is to cure it. Though you should be careful in your attempts to identify a werewolf, if they catch on to what you are doing, they will do what they can to protect themselves. Even if it means murder.

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