I recently learned that the man who is, for all intents and purposes, the godfather of the modern zombie and our understanding of the zombie apocalypse, Max Brooks goes to various government agencies to speak about the zombie apocalypse. One of the biggest issues that he promotes is the importance of water.

water photo: Water Water Water water.jpg

I have been toying with this thought ever since. If a zombie apocalypse, or any kind of apocalypse, were to occur, what would we do for water? This actually is an extremely valid question. People see water everyday and never really think about it. We get water from bottles at the store, or from the tap at home and we never consider the possibility that water could become a precious commodity in the event of some catastrophe. What happened at Katrina proves just how important water really is.

In the case of the zombie apocalypse, we may not know what causes the virus that creates the zombies. And if we don’t, then we have a serious problem. Once those precious bottles of water run out, we are pretty much left standing in the desert, even with a river raging nearby. Yes, there are things to do to remove ordinary contaminants from water, such as bleach or boiling (though for the best results you want to boil the water for at least one full minute, according to some sources, and up to fifteen minutes, before adding 2 drops of unscented, non-dyed bleach per gallon of water).  The problem is that we don’t know what bleach or boiling will do to the contaminant in the water. Bleach could cause the contaminant to mutate for all we know. Boiling may not even remove the contaminant at all. This could also be said for the radiation from a nuclear apocalypse.

The fact is that we will be in serious trouble if we do not start thinking outside the box and consider things that we take for granted. Water may be the next gold or platinum in the market. We need to consider things like this so that in the future we will have options in case anything happens. There are no answers now and, frankly, there may never be any need for those answers… but for those of us who prefer to be prepared, it is important to consider this problem as something that is truly valid.

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